On Thursdays November 25th 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM the project manager for RMOW will be hosting an update Zoom meeting on the undergrounding of utilities in White Gold.

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Regarding working together as an ownership group: 

 As it turns out many of the owners that have contacted us have a unique connection situation that do not benefit on a cost basis from work together.

Ultimately plan to coordinate work through a buying group of owners did not produce material savings.

The reasons for this are:

  1. with the introduction of the option to remain overhead (pole near your property line) the number of owners moving to underground has decreased
  2. the electrical work required has proven to be specific to each property, after meeting with electricians the economies of scale by working together did not present themselves
  3. this left only the excavation/trench and conduit work which needs supervision/approval from an electrician, and it appears most electricians have a local excavator they work with, therefore coordinating this portion of the work separate from the electrical work proved too complex to result in any material savings.

If you have chosen to move your overhead utilities to underground and have communicated this to the project manager, we suggest that you follow the guidance of the project manager and contact an electrician who can explain the work that needs to be completed and provide a property specific estimate.

Therefore, it was determined the best way forward is for each owner is to select an electrical contractor they would like to work with and proceed with their guidance on options and timing and contact the Project Manager for any other questions you may have.

C.Boehringer & Associates Ltd.
Christine Boehringer, MBA., MCPM, PMP

Link to Whistler White Gold Project

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